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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can’t I see my order on the Match to Order screen?
    Only orders submitted through DocuCite and currently in workflow are visible on the Match to Order screen. Also, verify the order is not being excluded from the list based on the filter being applied. Modify the filter, if necessary, to find the order.

  2. How do I know my Match to Order was processed?
    Check the status of the match to order. If the status is "Matched" then the documents have been matched. Orders with a status of “Uploaded” or "Doc Review" have not yet been matched by order processing.

  3. What can I do to improve the image quality?
    Review the capture guidelines for suggestions to capture quality document images.

  4. How do I know the image is high enough quality?
    On the processed preview screen, scan the captured image of the document for readability. Verify there are no blurred areas on the image, the document is cropped appropriately, and you can read the document.

  5. Auto-mode will not capture document, what should I do?
    If auto-mode will not capture your document, toggle from Auto mode to Manual mode. The toggle is located on the upper right section of the capture screen when viewed in portrait orientation. Tap on the toggle and a camera capture icon will appear. Fit the document in the viewfinder and tap the capture icon.

  6. How do I review an entrepreneur's order?
    Simply select the Order Review icon from an order in Order History or from a notification message. Selecting this icon will open the Order Review screen. In Order Review you will be able to review the customer information and preview document images. However, no edits can be made in Order Review.

  7. How do I get notifications?
    Turn on permissions for DocuCite to send notifications to your device. After installing the application you will be prompted to allow DocuCite to send push notifications. Otherwise, you can go to your device settings and turn on notifications for DocuCite.

  8. Do I need to allow DocuCite to use my device’s camera?
    Yes, it is required that DocuCite is able to access the device’s camera. DocuCite will optimize the camera settings to capture the best image quality given the environmental conditions at the time of capture. The application will not run without camera access.

  9. Can I use more than one device?
    Yes, you may use more than one device. Although, only one user per device is allowed.

  10. Can more than one user share a device?
    DocuCite only allows one user per device. To change the user for the device you must reinstall DocuCite.

  11. Can I see my fax orders in DocuCite?
    No, currently DocuCite only allows you to see orders submitted through DocuCite.

  12. Is DocuCite replacing faxing?
    No, DocuCite is new mobile alternative for capturing and submitting order documents. Submitting orders by fax and document upload is still supported.

  13. Can I use DocuCite if there is no connectivity is my area?
    Yes, a limited set of features are available in offline mode such as capturing a new order. Any orders captured in offline mode will automatically be uploaded to Hy Cite when connection is established.

  14. Will DocuCite work with my device?
    Please see the Device Recommendations document for information related to devices and DocuCite.